The virtues of Ancient Greek Civilization

The Ancient Greek civilization is, up to this day, a subject of admiration, mainly due to the influential monuments left in its passage, like temples, theaters, philosophical works and tragedies.

Invisible to the general public, however, are the habits of everyday life that have materially contributed to forming the fighting spirit of Marathon and the philosophical intellect of the Symposiums.

Undoubtedly, the virtues and values depicted in the brilliant building of the Parthenon are also apparent in the eating habits of the Greeks who actually built it:

  • Love towards people and the ability to find solutions to serve their real needs.
  • Wisdom in the selection and use of materials, as a result of thorough study and experimentation.
  • Moderation as the ruler of everything; that is, the belief in harmony that ensures avoidance of exaggerations and pretentiousness.

In view of the above and after thoroughly researching the ancient texts of medicine and dietetics, we developed the first 3 Breakfast Biscuit flavors of the Olyra line.

We know that they fully satisfy those who have learned to choose foods that offer both enjoyment and nutritional benefits. We suspect, however, that they would be enjoyed equally, by the deipnosophists of the ancient city of Athens, at the time of its great glory…

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