Ancient Greek Grains

Modern Food Philosophy

Start Your Day as a Greek Legend

2600 years ago, ancient Greeks developed a very sophisticated diet. It nourished their creativity and sustained them through battles.

We have encapsulated this wisdom in the OLYRA biscuit recipe. A mix of grains together with delicious fruits and spices produced in the same land as our ancestors. An ideal blend of spelt, oat, barley and lupine in a breakfast biscuit using absolutely nothing artificial.

Our Grains


The most preferred cereal of ancient Greeks. Alphita, barley flour, was used to make an important medicinal gruel.


After many centuries of neglect due to its demanding husking process, this healthy ancient grain is again very popular.


A staple food of cynic philosophers, who always kept some lupine inside their legendary traveler’s sacks.


Oats in Ancient Greece were prized mainly for their wholesome, medicinal properties.